Why choose Olalalanka?

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We do our best to make your stay memorable. Our pride: the positive comments of our customers

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Discover little-known places, share moments with the population, taste local dishes

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Fair, Solidarity, Responsible Tourism

Involve the local population in activities and visits, enable them to improve their living conditions, all while respecting nature

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Expertise and Tailor-made

Quality tours, developed with an expert advisor from the country who will make all your travel dreams come true

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In all discretion, we check that your stay goes perfectly.


Why Olalalanka?

it is an idea of a group of French people living in Sri Lanka for several years who wanted to stage your travel desires by helping you in your complicated procedures (visas, reservations, vehicles, entry tickets, train, arrival at the airport …) and to avoid any misunderstandings about your expectations. 

Helped by Sri Lankan enthusiasts, we have created this human-sized agency which offers you completely « à la carte/ tailor- made », private tours at a reasonable cost, and which takes care of everything from A to Z, we are reachable 24 / 7 by telephone in English during your stay.

nothing is imposed, you decide according to your desires. We are here to guide you, advise you, orient you, organize your trip and take care of you from the very first moment you get off the plane.

quietly visit our website, send us a request for a quote and we will then contact you to refine and improve your dream trip so that your first thought for Sri Lanka becomes: Oh la la! … Lanka.

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Olalalanka (Pvt) Ltd
47/35 A, White house
Unapandura Mawatha, Katana 11534
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 312 242 466
Mob/WhatsApp: +94 720 679 253

Vous pouvez nous appeler directement pendant les heures de bureau

(de 5h à 16h en Europe et de 22h à 11h au Québec)

Tél: +94 312 242 466 

Vous pouvez nous appeler ou chater gratuitement grâce à Skype pendant les heures de bureau (de 4h à 17h en Europe et de 22h à 11h au Québec), notre identifiant est:


Appelez-nous ou écrivez-nous gratuitement à ce numéro: 

+33 6 80 88 01 72